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Unfold and come home


Klapkot is a fold-out holiday home on wheels for people seeking ultimate freedom and wanting to see the world.

The design brings together two worlds, literally under one roof: 'design meets innovation'. A design interior and exterior combined with technical innovation. The innovation lies in the folding system, which transforms it into a holiday home with a large living area. The resulting space can be decorated entirely to your own taste. So Klapkot allows you to camp in comfort all year round!

"The innovation is in the folding system"

Klapkot targets campers who choose the flexibility and freedom of a holiday home on wheels. People who want to enjoy the outdoors during their holidays and enjoy interacting with others, but also value the privacy of their own accommodation.

Campers looking for more luxury and comfort than a standard motorhome or caravan. And especially those people where the existing offerings do not match their interior taste or desired layout in terms of living space.


At Klapkot, we know that the desire to take a break from the daily grind never goes out of fashion.

That's why we designed our mobile holiday home. This Klapkot is perfect if you are looking for a cosy retreat for recreation or if you have or are considering a permanent seasonal or annual camping pitch.

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The innovative Klapkot transforms your camping site with luxury and atmosphere and boosts sales.

Camping-goers crave the freedom of the great outdoors, but do not want to compromise on comfort. This is where Klapkot's mobile and flexible recreational home comes in. See how the Klapkot takes camping operation to the next level.

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Tiny living and more

Are you looking for a unique and sustainable living solution? Klapkot is very suitable for permanent living. So a Tiny House for four seasons!

As the need for compact and flexible living spaces grows, we have developed this innovative product for you with extra insulation and space that leaves nothing to be desired.

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Push your limits and slap it on!

Flip through the pictures of the Klapkot!

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